Our range of guard rail and safety barriers are certified for use on road sides, in car parks and industrial facilities. With our own guardrail machine and dedicated installation team, we can install all types of w-beam guard rail in any application.

Options include:

 • Bolt-down or in-ground installation

 • Single or double height

 • Additional handrail

 • Gal or powder coated yellow

 • Crash Cushions & Attenuators

 • Various end terminal finishes


Specifications & Drawings

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Summit Fencing manufactures heavy duty bar gates for roads and driveways needing restricted access. These steel gates are ideal for reserves, parks and trails where access is limited to service and maintenance vehicles. Custom manufactured to suit your requirements, these heavy duty gates can be galvanised or powder coated.


We specialise in providing a complete fencing solution to all your commercial fencing requirements.