A versatile option for a range of applications including secure fencing, long dividing runs, boundary fencing, enclosures, high screens and sports fencing. We offer you a variety of finishing options and post and wire gauges to suit your needs and specifications. Explore our other chainwire sections to view our extensive offerings.


Chainwire gates can be suited to a range of applications. Summit Fencing manufactures all our chainwire gates to the requirements of each project. This can include incorporating a range of styles and sizes such as Double Gates, Pedestrian Egress Gates and Slide Gates. Other finishing and locking options include: barbed wire, powder coated or galvanised, slide bolt with padlock, mortice lock with a half moon or lever set with a shroud.

Industrial high screens

Summit Fencing is experienced in installing customised high screens for industrial facilities. By securing walkways and pallet racking with chainwire screens, injuries from falling items are prevented. Mesh screens can also be used to create warehouse partitions and security enclosures to prevent unauthorised access.


Chainwire cages, such as internal and external storage cages, valve set enclosures and security stores are customised to suit the requirements of each project. From small mesh enclosures to large outdoor cages, Summit can provide what is needed to keep your goods secure.


We specialise in providing a complete fencing solution to all your commercial fencing requirements.